Unicorn Shipping Inc
Unicorn Shipping Inc

Unicorn Shipping, the ship owning arm of Grindrod Limited, is based in Singapore with South African roots dating back to the 1860`s. It`s ship owning activities are in the chemical tanker and the product tanker segments of the market. Unicorn has been operating as a shipowner and operator since 1933. The oil major charterers of Unicorn tonnage include Shell, BP, ENI, Excon and Chevtex.

Fleet list

MT"Inyala"Product/Chemical IMO III-Year:2008-IMO NUMBER:9381500-FLAG:UK-CLASS:ABS- DWT:39,999MT-GT:25,400t-NT:9,915t-LOA:175.97m-DRAUGHT:11.095M-BEAM:31.0M- SPEED:14.5 Knots
MT"Berg"Product Tanker IMO III-YEAR:2008-IMO NUMBER:9374325-FLAG:UK-CLASS:BV-DWT:16,483MT-GT:11,271t-NT:4,986t-LOA:144.0m -DRAUGHT:8.80M-BEAM:23.0M- SPEED:13.0 Knots
MT"Southern Venture"-YEAR:2008-IMO NUMBER:9405148-FLAG:South African-CLASS:DNV-DWT :4,250MT -GT:2,402t-NT:1,179t-LOA:69.80m-DRAUGHT:5.70M-BEAM:17.60M
MT"Fumana"Harbour Bunkering Tanker-YEAR:2010- IMO NUMBER:9546148-FLAG:South African -CLASS:DNV- DWT:4,250MT-GT:2,402t-NT:1,179t-LOA:69.80m-DRAUGHT:5.70M-BEAM:17.60M
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